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Arus Samudera Sdn. Bhd. is a bumiputera company that initially focusing in establishment of various range of engineering services that can be offered to our customers. We aim to be your top choices as a one stop centre in Engineering's Standard Solution to meet your organization needs and requirements.  We are committed in what we are doing since 1991 to fulfil the industrial market need. Our specialist and engineers always ready to help you via our free consultation so you can get the best in what you need.

By focusing on Metrologies Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering, we are confident that you will get a new experience in engineering's solution by experience us first-hand. Our valuable services are needed in many fields of engineering such as weaponries, palm oil industries, oil & gas industries, automotive industries, aviation industries, marine industries, pharmaceutical industries, government bodies and etc. Starting from 2015, we are working towards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17025:2005 in order to improvised our products and services.

Our mission is to be a successful engineering one stop centre in the global market and to be a leading world class service provider that fulfil the customer satisfaction and requirement.


This company has a huge vision in subsist as the customer first choice provider in the industries providing most of the engineering's services especially in metrology's sources with quality assurance while heading towards better quality management in organization.


We are really committed to be your first choice provider in each engineering solution. We take this big challenge to meet up the revolutionizing in industries standard. We believe standard is not just only requirement but it also a way to growth your profit. We concern about quality, price, capability, time and technical support. Herewith we want to help and try our best to provide our service in your organization.


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